Free Teacher’s Guide The Truth About Twinkie Pie


truth twinkie pie


It’s time to dust off those chef’s hats and reach into those sugar bowls! This month we’re excited to showcase the educator guide for The Truth About Twinkie Pie by Kat Yeh. This character-driven middle grade book focuses on family relationships, friendships, first crushes, and lots of baking. And twinkies. Sounds like a recipe for classroom success to us! Download the guide here.


FREE Kindness Counts: Exploring Random Acts of Kindness

Get this fun printable comprehensive curriculum to go along with the award winning “The Book About Tony Chestnut.” In this Kindness Counts: Exploring Random Acts of Kindness curriculum, The Book About Tony Chestnut literally sets the stage for a month long … Continue reading

FREE Alice in Wonderland Copywork



Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite books and movies. Think of the all the possibilities you can use for teaching with awesome resource as well as being able to watch the movie to enforce more details from the book. This resource would be great for homeschool parents as well as teachers. Grab this free download here.