Free Book Coffee Shop Inspirations

coffee shop


Coffee Shop Inspirations provides a fun, coffee shop casual approach for taking your leadership and relationship skills to the next level. In this book, you’ll learn how the Bible and psychology team up to provide powerful tools for dynamic life change. Whether your feeling stuck in your personal growth or searching for innovative ideas to lead and connect well, this book is for you. Instead of waiting for change to happen, take a proactive approach, and discover the five strategies that you can begin practicing right now to become a better leader and relater! Including: Don’t Pick Up the Rope: A tool for arguing less and connecting more.
Make the Best Bad Choice: A strategy for getting unstuck and building momentum.
Focus on the Good: Ideas for generating energy and creativity
Reframe the Problem: Tactics for breaking through barriers and achieving your goals.
Take Care of You: A plan for staying healthy and refreshed on your ongoing leadership and relationship journey.


Grab this free book here.


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