Ella Enchanted Project

There are always projects that are involved with kids reading books especially if you homeshool your kids. I hope the projects that I bring to you will help to spark your children’s love of reading.

ella enchanted


Ella of Frell, blessed at birth with the gift of obedience from a foolhardy fairy, draws on wit and determination to keep her curse from making her a doormat to her selfish stepsisters or a danger to her true love. Complete with fairies, wicked stepsisters, gnomes, ogres, giants, a masked ball, and a handsome prince, this eventful Newbery Honor book will keep your students cheering for the plucky Ella.

Build vocabulary skills word by word using this castle display. Prior to beginning this activity, select as many vocabulary words from the novel as there are students in your class. Write each word on a separate large construction paper rectangle. Mount the words to form a castle wall on the board. Then add turrets.

Each student folds a sheet of notepaper lengthwise into three columns. The student chooses a different word to write on every other line in the first column. He writes his prediction of each word’s meaning in the second column next to the word. In the third column, the student writes the word’s meaning based on context clues after he encounters the word in the story. After looking up the dictionary definitions of each word, he makes corrections on his paper in the third column.


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